Dessa stokes up a firestorm in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Dessa, it would appear, is not having it.

Dessa, it would appear, is not having it. YouTube

Hosting the Super Bowl is making everyday life in Minneapolis a pain in the ass.

Streets are being shut down, the light rail is going ticket-holder-exclusive, and the influx of far-flung sports fans and media has made daily life for the people who actually live here a waking nightmare. It’s the kind of disruption that can totally derail your creative tendencies.

And yet, Minnesota musicians are churning out music videos and an undeterred rate.

The dogged determination of the local music scene never ceases to impress. Even in a time when the city is conspiring to upheave the function of our daily lifes, these creators press on. I was greeted with another full inbox of videos this week, and I sense that won’t change next week. Or the week after.

Or in 2019 when we go through this all over again with the NCAA Final Four.

Dessa—“Good Grief”

On February 23, Doomtree standout Dessa will release her next solo album Chime. After a decade and a half perfecting her songwriting, early signs indicate that Chime could be Dessa’s biggest commitment to her singing voice. In the video for new single “Good Grief.” 2017 City Pages Best Music Video Director Mercies May summons a morose vision of love lost as Dessa reaches for higher octaves and deeper harmonies. Wanna be in Dessa’s next music video? Show up to the Clown Lounge at the Turf Club tomorrow at 1 p.m. to get in on the taping for “5 to 6.”

Reel Smoovv ft. Knucky—“Feelin’ It” (PREMIERE)

Reel Smoovv is the rhythmic center of Deeply Rooted Tribe—his verses stabilize the Tribe’s tracks, pacing them with kicked-back no-nonsense bars. Smoovv’s latest solo song “Feelin’ It” is languid and poetic, and Bloomington MC Knucky joins for a verse, matching Smoovv’s reposed truth-telling with a tight 16 of his own. Director Young Tribe directs the video like a hyper-realistic film noir.

The Von Tramps—“14B”

Twenty-four hours and $20 was all sneering Minneapolis rock band the Von Tramps needed to put their stamp on Super Bowl LII. “14B” is the Von Tramps’ love letter to the host city, with video director Jenna Enemy following the band as they tour their favorite hometown locales, including the CC Club and Chino Latino. After watching the three musicians trounce around the city they love, it’s easy to see what inspired the song: Turns out loving your city is free, so the Von Tramps spent their $20 on chicken nuggets. Their new album The Future is Female is due March 2.


Who doesn’t love claymation? Minneapolis freak-rock band Yana sure does, which is why they used stop motion and Play-Doh to make the video for their frenetic new song “OGEEBYYANA.” It’s not as innocent as it sounds, as Yana uses the medium to express some truly chaotic visuals. Try to follow along as the madness sculpts itself. “OGEEBYYANA” comes from Yana’s September album, YANABYYANA Pt. 1.

Rashad 502—“Cheesecake”

The future of Twin Cities music scene can be seen at the High School for Recording Arts. Its latest prodigy is Rashad 502, a fun-loving 15-year old singer/rapper out of St. Paul. Dogfood Media introduces 502 in his debut video for “Cheesecake,” in which the Bahamas-born artist dismisses the stresses of his relationship, instead focusing on the carefree release given to him by his slice of the titular dessert.

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