Dessa on Rolling Stone's blog, Solid Gold on MTV2 and Daytrotter


Ready for a healthy dose of Minnesotans-made-good? Here's a quick update on two locals who have received national attention this week:

Still on the road with P.O.S for the "Every Never is Now" tour, Doomtree MC-turned-solo artist Dessa has caught the attention of Rolling Stone's Christian Hoard, who featured her on yesterday afternoon's New Music Report. Though we're happy that Rolling Stone is catching on to our local talent, we have to admit his critique of her new album had a few questionable points.

"She suffers from a touch of 'underground rapper syndrome,'" says Hoard, who lists a symptom as "sounding serious too often" -- which, to us, seems like a strange reason to dock points. And of course, he goes on to compare Dessa to Slug, putting himself squarely in line with every other national journalist to ever write about a rapper from Minnesota. But most of what he has to say about Dessa is positive, and we're excited to see one of our favorite local albums of 2010, A Badly Broken Code, getting some well-deserved attention.

Over on MTV2, Solid Gold were given the opportunity to VJ the hour-long show Subterranean, which aired on Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. Lucky for those of us who are usually deep into our sleep patterns at that hour of a weekday morning, MTV2 has posted the entire episode on their website. Watch the first clip below, and head to for the rest.

In other Solid Gold news, the band traveled down to Rock Island, Illinois, to record a session for the tastemaking indie site Daytrotter. The band recorded four tracks -- one off of their debut, Bodies of Water, one off of their new EP (which they are releasing at the Turf Club this Friday and Saturday), one unreleased track, and one awesome cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games." Head to Daytrotter to listen to their full session, and while you're there don't forget to listen to fellow local Jeremy Messersmith's session that was posted a few weeks ago.