Dessa, Feist top October 4 new releases

Dessa, Feist top October 4 new releases

Minneapolis stalwart songstress Dessa drops her new record Castor, The Twin today via Doomtree. The album features re-workings of 10 of her songs along with her newest single, "The Beekeeper." Dessa notes, in a post on the Doomtree site, that if fans are planning to buy the record online, they should do so today in order to boost album sales numbers on iTunes:

"Doomtree has a master plan. But--as always--this plan is woefully simple. Here it is: Convince everyone who plans on buying the album to buy it today. Why? Because if we can consolidate the purchases, then we stand a chance of charting on iTunes and maybe even on some Billboard lists, effectively making us competitive with mainstream artists who have blogs made out of pure gold."

Dessa "The Beekeeper" by doomtree

Dessa will swing by the Electric Fetus from 7 to 8 p.m. tonight for an appearance in support of the new release. Apparently, there will be candy.

In national news, Feist's new album Metal was released today on Interscope/Cherry Tree. It's the indie queen's fourth solo release to date and her first in four and a half years, the follow up to 2007's feverishly lauded The Reminder. Feist has always been the kind of musician who knows how to work a hook, a-hem Mushaboom, and Metal is no exception. It's a big album, sometimes shakily angry; it feels a bit older, more decisive. It's chock full of sing-along and fingers-tapping-dashboard moments. With shouts, na-na's, choral backing, and more than a few grandiose cinematic buildups, Metal's a record bred to be belted out.

Other Notable Releases for This Week: 
We Were Promised Jet Packs- In the Pit of the Stomach (Fat Cat Records) 
Merle Haggard- Working In Tennessee (Vanguard Records)
Loney Dear- Hall Music (Polyvinyl Record Co.)

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