Dessa announces new record Parts of Speech, debuts new track

Dessa announces new record Parts of Speech, debuts new track
Photo courtesy of the artist

At long last, the highly anticipated and much talked about third album from Doomtree's darling Dessa has been announced for release. Introducing Parts of Speech, due out June 25.

The rapper-poet-essayist has given fans a preview of what's to come with the first track off the new record, "Warsaw", debuted on Billboard this morning. The Paper Tiger-produced "Warsaw" comes across as part jungle, part anger management with rapid-fire beats and survival imagery (and maybe an F-bomb or two). It's trademark Dessa with some ferocious new flavors, and it's delicious.

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There's no denying it: "Warsaw" comes at listeners like a vengeance, and if it says anything about what's to come with Speech, we're excited. And maybe a little scared. This is a more no-nonsense Dessa than ever.

Along with the album, Doomtree has announced some fairly elaborate pre-order options--everything from the standard CD version to the ultra super deluxe LP pre-order, including t-shirts, exclusive downloads, signed copies of things, and Dessa kisses blown into the box. (Okay, not really on the kisses. Sorry.) You can expect that we will eventually ask her about the static cling, or wind, or paranormal activity going on in that cover shot.

Whip out the ole' credit card and support here on the Doomtree website. The fancy schmancy ultra deluxe package is just $50.

Track listing for Parts of Speech:

1. The Man I Knew
2. Call Off Your Ghost
3. Warsaw
4. Skeleton Key
5. Dear Marie
6. I'm Going Down
7. Fighting Fish
8. The Lamb
9. Beekeeper
10. Annabelle
11. It's Only Me
12. Sound the Bells

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