Dessa and Willie Nelson released 2 of the week's best new songs

Willie, Dessa

Willie, Dessa YouTube

I wish I loved the new Cardi single as much as “Wish Wish,” and that I liked the new Katy single at all. But there’s more where those didn’t come from in this week’s roundup of best new songs.

Dessa – “Good for You”

Another great post-Chime standalone Dessa track, hard on the heels of “Grade School Games,” with a lyric that offers a mild but sharp twist on the title phrase and this killer mix of poetic and prosaic: “If you don’t need lightning at the end of the kite string/I don’t need another friend.”

Tove Lo  “Glad He’s Gone”

My big pop fix this week came from this sexed-up Swede, who takes her recently liberated pal out trawling for dick but leaves open the option that she’d rather hook up with her herself. I like how the chorus is kinda (almost?) an E-40 tribute.

Willie Nelson – “Come On Time”

Willie releases so damn many (and damn fine) albums he rarely gives you time to anticipate his next move. But this is the third great single released in advance of Ride Me Back Home, a quick-footed shuffle that faces down aging without claiming victory.

Jai Paul – “Do You Love Her Now”

Sometimes you just need to take a few years off (or seven) to get your groove back. Presumably this Brit ultra-smoothie sings actual words, but the vibe, the texture, and the impossibly frictionless guitar really do the talking here.

Clairo  “Bags”

Industry plants have feelings too, you know. Here, Claire Cotrill’s sad-flat-pretty voice meshes with a sad-flat-pretty guitar strum, not to mention Danielle Haim’s understated beat and Rostam’s wobbly piano, while she makes the subtext of every bedroom-pop confessional the text: “You’d make fun of me.”

Rosalia  “Aute Cuture”

Who needs an “h” when the beat just goes?

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