Dessa addresses 'the amount of pain' P.O.S has caused


Dessa Instagram

Dessa just addressed reports of abusive behavior made against rapper P.O.S, her partner in the Twin Cities label/collective/band Doomtree.

Fresh off a Zoom call with the other members of Doomtree, Dessa posted an emotional video to Instagram late Friday afternoon. 

"The amount of pain that Stef [Alexander], P.O.S., has caused people is not commensurate with the unavoidable injuries that we inflict on one another when we're working in good faith," the rapper/singer says in the five-minute clip. "The stories that you are reading about P.O.S, at least some of them, are true. Huge, vast, deep oceans of pain built on lies, deliberate lies, for years and years."

Dessa continues...

"Stef, you are not canceled — you are broken. Your conduct is abhorrent, and I'd love to see a part of helping you, and the many women that you've hurt, heal... You are not allowed, Stef, to ruin the good names of the other members of this crew... as soon as you can align yourself with the values this crew holds, I will welcome you."

On Tuesday, as stories of abuse and misogyny began spotlighting patterns of predatory behavior throughout the local music scene, P.O.S issued a statement of his own via Twitter.

"I've definitely missed many opportunities to lift women, been a shamefully bad partner at times," he writes. "And have been guilty. Of lying, cheating, and gaslighting lies to cover it up. That stuff can also cause real pain and lasting damage."

Does Dessa's statement mean P.O.S is no longer working with Doomtree? We asked Dessa.

"This is a messy answer but it's the honest one," she tells us. "When I was asked to join to Doomtree I was told we were Friendship first, Music second, and Business third. We are operating now as a family, we will sort the business later."