Derek Plaslaiko sends Shelter off with a bang


Derek Plaslaiko -- Barfly Loft
Friday, November 28th, 10 pm, 18+, $10

Sluggish from all the turkey you wolfed down yesterday? Don't lie, we know you went back for thirds. If you're feeling a little thicker after giving so much thanks, you could work off the extra junk in your trunk with a night of vigorous dancing. Lucky for you, New York techno favorite Derek Plaslaiko will be in town to help you along. Michigan-bred Plaslaiko was a Detroit staple for years before his relocation to NY brought him even more success, and after numerous stops here in Minneapolis, Twin Cities dance fans have gotten a taste of what makes him so popular. He works turntable magic, constructing DJ sets that revel in exquisite tension before the inevitable release, leaving heaving masses of satisfied party people in his wake.

Plaslaiko's return marks the last of the weekly Shelter events, Friday night parties focused around one headliner playing for four full hours, which have given clubbers a closer look at the record collections of some of their favorite DJs for the past five months. With Derek at the controls of Shelter's impressive wall of speakers for those four hours, Barfly's Loft is sure to be packed with plenty of fans that have forsaken a post-holiday gym visit in favor of the serious dancefloor workout they'll receive tonight. Besides, what sounds better: flipping channels trying to find a station that isn't already playing Christmas movies, or attending a raucous send-off bash with one of New York's finest party starters?

-- Ian Traas