Deranged cops, VR partying, and black magic in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Hi, Prof!

Hi, Prof! YouTube

Another week, another five new videos from local artists.

It’s astounding that, without fail, regardless of the time of year, I still receive a steady influx of brand new music videos in my inbox every week, not to mention the unsubmitted videos I find on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Just a constant stream of creative output.

This column used to be 10 videos long, and honestly, it still could be. But Local Frames isn’t about spamming you with everything out there. It’s about trimming the options down to a nice, succinct list. Here’s who made the cut this week.

Prof ft. Cashinova – “Cousins”

Will we ever get sick of watching Stophouse buddies Prof and Cashinova go totally wild? Most likely not. The two are a caustic mix of fun and absurdity, something that’s on full display in the video for “Cousins.” Prof plays a psychotic police officer obsessed with fuckin’, and Cashinova is revealed to be the mayor of this bizarro version of St. Paul. Justice comes for both, but that’s not until after director Tomas Aksamit gets a full runtime of madness.

Maolu – “Hello”

Minneapolis rapper Maolu just celebrated his 23rd birthday with the launch of his new brand, Love[Network]. Apparently he’s still in party mode, as we see in the video for the Infinity~Suite-produced single “Hello.” Maolu puts on a simulation headset here and envisions a lavish evening of partying, swimming, and flirting—he says the video was inspired by the Rick and Morty episode “Mortynight Run.” Director Alan Taverna’s simulation is more realistic than what happens in the show (I assume Maolu still has a Social Security card in the simulation), but ultimately the rapper’s girlfriend snatches him back to real life.

The Jorgensens – “Voo Doo” (PREMIERE)

Love is magic, and it’s that magic that fuels family band the Jorgensens. In the band’s new video for “Voo Doo,” they beseech a voodoo priestess in New Orleans to come and fulfill their lives. The song is an incantation, and the video shows singers Brianna and Kurt Jorgensen transformed by the song, becoming darkened, sexed-up versions of themselves. The Jorgensens released their new album, The Lexington Stretch, last Friday. See them September 22 at PD Pappy’s in Stillwater.

Maria and the Coins – “Movin’ On”

It’s been nearly three years since Maria and the Coins released their debut EP, Wide-Eyed and Restless, but now the folksy pop band are marking their return to wax with the new single “Movin’ On.” A bustling tune with highway ambitions, “Movin’ On” doesn’t require many visuals to communicate its push-pull story of a person reluctantly leaving their hometown. The video is unadorned, with singer Maria Coyne and her band playing in a dark room, laying their emotions bare.

Noname ft. Prospect da Gift – “I Love You”

Ask Minnesota rappers Noname and Prospect da Gift, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing like having a partner to hold you down while you chase your dreams. Their new collaboration “I Love You” is an ode to the loyalty that sustains them. Matt Wales directs the real thing, the pair rapping with their loves tangled in their arms. No actors necessary.

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