Dental hygiene and pop music with Loren Depping


This Minnesota Monitor item from a few days back rounds up local news about dental hygienists. Surprisingly, there's a lot of it.

What there aren't a lot of is songs about dental hygienists, so there's no chance of finding a list of five. But there is this gem, a pop confection so sweet your dentist might object to the listening. It's a track by Loren Depping called, fittingly, "Dental Hygienist."

Depping is an Oregon-based singer songwriter with a love for guitar pop, but his roots lie in Americana. His solo discs are populated with story-songs reminiscent of Emmylou Harris, quirky ditties and dreamy, Pernice Brothers-style vocals. This song's light touch isn't an indication that Depping's simply a silly songster. He can do the serious stuff, too. But how endearing is a song about love and tooth care?

Depping is touring here this summer. "Dental Hygienist" is on his latest CD, Go By Train, and you can also [audio-1]