Democracy Now! Vote for the Best Toilets in Town

We've all had those unfortunate experiences relieving ourselves away from home in some pee-puddled place with a stench that could kill. Of course, we've also had those eye-opening urinary experiences in shiny and clean restrooms that put your home bathroom to shame. Mizpee is the place to call out the crappy crappers and laud the lovable loos. Users can rate them from one ("prison toilet") to five ("royal flush") rolls of TP, and include information on which restrooms are for customers only.

The Minneapolis page is still a little lean on entries, with only 11 at the time of writing this, but there's already a wide range of scores and locations. It looks like Macy's at the Nicollet Mall and the Guthrie both have outstanding bathrooms. The Triple Rock, however, got slammed with one-role score. I'm sure the owners are devastated. Mizpee will even text you when you're on the go to point you the best bathrooms near your location. At the end of August, the victorious bathroom will be honored with the title 'Flush of the Year'. And although it is kinda a funny idea and rife with ... well, bathroom humor, Mizpee makes the point that they are actually a very helpful service to people who often need a restroom quickly, including people with Crohn's disease and colitis. The company promises to donate $1 for each unique vote for the winner to the Minnesota chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. There's nothing like feeling good for voting for your favorite potty.

Speaking of bathrooms, remember that scene in Trainspotting in that absolutely vile toilet, when Ewan McGregor has to fish through his own waste to find a heroin suppository? No? Watch it below. After that, even the nastiest truck stop restroom looks like the finest water closet in town. Ok, now I've run out of different words for bathroom.

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