Delorean at the 7th Street Entry, 11/16/10

November 16, 2010
7th St. Entry

Depending on your perspective, Tuesday night was either the worst or the best time for Delorean to come through Minneapolis. The sun-kissed electro-pop of the Spanish four-piece is perfectly suited for the heart of summer, not winter, providing a shimmering soundtrack to a gorgeous, star-filled night of hedonism. But you could look at their performance in the Entry as a buoyant break from winter's first icy grip, where you can't help but forget about the plummeting temperatures outside while you briefly get transported to some beach-side Basque retreat. Judging by the ecstatic reactions of the densely packed club, everyone decided to ignore the harsh November night and just dance along to the pleasurable Balearic beat that Delorean was generating.

[jump] It wasn't an easy journey for the band to get to Minneapolis either, as their van broke down outside of Vancouver, and they had to fly in from Spokane in order to make the show in time, leaving behind one of their openers (Lemonade, who sadly weren't able to make it), all of their merch, and some of their gear (which they had to borrow once they arrived). So, after all of that, both the crowd and the band were clearly ready to cut loose. And cut loose we did.

Delorean opened their 70-minute set with an expanded rendition of "Seasun" that featured a slow, simmering intro that gradually began to warm up the room. And when the tension of the track finally broke, the show truly took off and never really let up. "Stay Close" and "Real Love" only built on that surging momentum, and despite being plagued by some minor sound difficulties, both songs soared effortlessly over the energetic audience.

Lead singer/bassist Ekhi Lopetegi's live vocals were much more natural than they sound on record, giving these disco-tinged club anthems a welcome organic touch. Meanwhile, the rest of the band (keyboardist Unai Lazcano, guitarist Guillermo Astrain, and drummer Igor Escudeo) created layer upon layer of otherwordly rhythms and riffs that not only shook the small room but elevated the moods of all who were in it. "Endless Sunset" was as striking as the name implies, hypnotizing the crowd with its dynamic pulse and relentless rhythms, while "Deli" also took flight, getting those in the crowd that weren't dancing to at least think about it.

"Warmer Places" had a distinct AnCo influence, but Delorean's sound is a lot less fabricated than the Baltimore band, injecting their songs with a pure, vital spirit, so that no matter how many buttons the band is pushing on stage, you know that there is a living heart within these numbers. After a stellar version of "Come Wander," Lopetegi dedicated the last song of the main set to "the guys in Lemonade," and the band proceeded to really set the place off with a transcendent version of "Grow" that was one of the night's clear highlights.

And, after a superb, Gospel-flavored one-song encore that I wasn't able to place, they were off, leaving the crowd to gradually leave behind the sunny, seaside party that Delorean's music had crafted, and slowly make our way into the cold night. But for that mesmerizing 70-minutes at least, we were all able to collectively forgot about the frigid evening for just a moment. And oh what a moment it was.

Critic's Bias: Like Delorean on record quite a bit, but this was my first time seeing them live, and live is where they truly shine.
The Crowd: Packed and ready to dance.
Overheard In The Crowd: Norwegian, Spanish, German-it was a very international audience.
Random Notebook Dump: I was able to chat with the band briefly before the show, and they were happy to have the hectic travel behind them and just relax and have a beer. Very friendly guys.
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Stay Close
Real Love
Endless Sunset
Warmer Places
Come Wander
?? (Encore)