Def Leppard cancels fall tour


Is it bad to admit that we were hyped? That we were scouring Ragstock to replace that Def Leppard shirt we left at an ex-girlfriend's house so many years ago? That we'd spent the last few weeks playing "Animal" on repeat, honing our one-armed air drumming to surgical precision?

Well, consider us crestfallen as all hell. After a death in a member's family (identity currently undisclosed), Def Leppard has canceled their November 6th show at Saint Paul's Xcel Energy Center.

The news comes with a hard hitting double whammy, too--Cheap Trick, who was scheduled to open, has announced that they won't play the show alone. So what would have been a night for hardboiled 80s rock fanatics has now become a dark stage with 12,000 empty seats. What a bummer.

Refunds for purchased tickets are being made available at the point of purchase. But it's almost certain that any Def Leppard fan worth their ripped acid wash jeans would rather have Def Leppard and Cheap Trick on stage than a little extra scratch in their pockets.

Well, c'est la vie. Or, in this case, c'est la morte. And please do pardon our French.