Deep space adventures, beachside basketball, and positive mantras in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Hey, that's not a lake: a clip from GainesFM's video for 'LA'

Hey, that's not a lake: a clip from GainesFM's video for 'LA' YouTube

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re called to consider the shit we’ve taken for granted.

It’s certainly the corniest time of the year, but Thanksgiving calls us to destroy our egos and recognize the forces outside of ourselves that contributed to our success. In the Twin Cities, we talk so much about how the music scene carries the flag for us, upping our rep nationwide.

Musicians, take a moment this week to recognize the fans. Those people who stayed out for your midnight set at the Hex. The folks who paid $10 for your CD after seeing you open for the band they came to see. There are a lot of other things they could be doing with their money and time, and they’re choosing to give it to you. Give ‘em some thanks back.

Extraterrestrials – “Newton’s 2nd Law”

In their newest video for “Newton’s 2nd Law,” local rock weirdos Extraterrestrials seek to get their inertia percolating. Director Dominic Hanft of Bromide Films tracks the band of Orion Treon, Justin Fischler, Will Hawkinson, and Sarah Wolfe as they explore the stars in an homage to the low-budget sci-fi of the 1960s. It’s a rocket into the strange and unknown reaches of the universe. “Newton’s 2nd Law” comes from the band’s May release Try Again.

GainesFM – “L.A.”

Minnesota artists move to Los Angeles. It’s a thing . The latest talent to head west is rapper GainesFM , who declares his love for La La Land in his new video “L.A.” In the video, the usually caustic rapper finds himself some sunshine and a smooth Rahki Smith, and suddenly he’s transformed into a fool for the West Coast. Even though he’s sprung for LA, GainesFM still brings FreeMinds cohort Nate P along to direct the video, and there’s also an appearance by fellow Minnesota native Finding Novyon. GainesFM’s new record Death of Fame is out on December 14.

Kyle Skye – “Fear Not”

North Minneapolis rapper Kyle Skye needs you to believe in him. The determined rapper is fueled by positivity, and his new song “Fear Not” is more than a single, it’s a mantra for prosperity. First premiered via HipHopDx, “Fear Not” is the first single from Skye’s new record Mint, and the video comes courtesy of director James Christenson. For the video, Christenson takes Skye back to his old neighborhood, showing how his community uplifted him to achieve the success he’s seeing today.

Sickdapunchliner – “Free Promo”

If you’re making a kickass music video for your own song, you might as well use it as an advertising vehicle for your producer/director as well. “Free Promo” from St. Paul rapper Sickdapunchliner is about Sick’s ability to put a rapper on just by dissing him in a song, but at the same time, it’s a shoutout to the camera skills of Alite Production. It’s a perfect quid pro quo. Sick comes off looking like the last dude you want to fuck with, and Alite looks like the first company you want to call when you’re looking to up your video game.

FMLY FRND – “Backseat”

Minneapolis’s latest collaboration is the FMLY FRND, which consists of producer DJ FRND and rapper Infinity ~ Suite. Their debut video for “Backseat” comes courtesy of director Adam Jacobs, who follows the duo on a lit night through the cities. From smoky backseats to the Sculpture Garden bridge, FMLY FRND stake their claim to their hometown’s landmarks, getting viewers ready for their self-titled debut EP, which drops on December 1.

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