Deep Soul Deities EP-release tonight at Sauce

Deep Soul Deities are serving up a heaping helping of that funky chicken grease tonight at Sauce -- and please, leave your tired loops at home.

That's right, Garageband geeks. The Twin Cities' newest hip-hoppers get surprisingly fresh by kicking it old school. Backed by a live band including drums, bass, sax, flute, and guitar, MC Automatic Earth flows his kicked-back flow across five sexy numbers on the group's debut EP, Strange Brew. Tracked with all members performing together live, the package relies not on heavy production but deep grooves and flighty horn sections to make your hips swang.

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Standout tracks include "Parlour Trick," which demands to be heard from the back seat of a convertible on a sweltering summer day. Funk, dance, and jazz all make appearances as Automatic Earth spits literate lyrics reminiscent of De La Soul or Tribe Called Quest. "3sters" builds its nighttime aura around a slow soul burn that would make Prince blush, fleshed out with languid guitars and breathy flutes.

The Deities seed was sewn in 2008, originating as a three-piece recording experiment, and has since doubled in size and, presumably, funkiness. The crew preaches unity and love from the opening track; "Dead Lung Lounge" features Automatic Earth upping his tempo over a groove that promises to be a live crowd pleaser and culminates in an uplifting group chant.

It is clear throughout Strange Brew that Deep Soul Deities believe there is room for one more in the bustling Twin Cities hip-hop scene, and one listen proves them right. The ego-free rhymes and unassuming production, the sheer melody of the thing slides the Deities comfortably into their own niche, one that is likely to have wide demographic appeal. The music would make sense at a sweaty summer festival or a downtown cocktail party.

Those looking for the perfect musical accompaniment to a perfect summer night are well advised to check out Deep Soul Deities as they officially welcome their debut record onstage at Uptown's Sauce Spirits and Soundbar. With PRPLzebras, Parallax, and Kredentials joining the bill, it promises to be a long night of funk, soul, and smooth.

Sauce Spirits & Soundbar 9:15 - PRPLzebras 10:00 - Parallax 11:00 - Deep Soul Deities 12:15 - Kredentials 21+, $5

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