Deep Blues Festival is back in Bayport, ticket sales end Sunday

After taking a year off to retool and regroup, the Deep Blues Festival is coming back to the Bayport BBQ in beautiful Bayport, Minnesota from June 29-July 1. The three day blues fest features over thirty musical acts from all points across the globe, as well as the feature film debut of "Put A Stamp On It: The T-Model Ford Story."

Sales of tickets to the Deep Blues Festival end on Sunday, June 10, so if you have plans to attend the fest but don't have tickets as of yet, you better act now.

The Deep Blues Festival features the U.S. debut performance of Welsh duo Henry's Funeral Show, as well as William Elliott Whitmore, Buffalo Killers, Brian Olive, David Kimbrough Jr., James Leg, Radio Moscow, Left Lane Cruiser, the Glory Fires, and John The Conqueror, amongst many others.

Tickets to the event includes an all-you-can-eat BBQ, which should give festival-goers plenty of much needed sustenance over the course of the three day music fest. The organizers intend to keep the festival attendance small so that everyone can enjoy themselves and be able to have plenty of room to watch and listen to the performances.

They also want to expose fans to all of the bands performing over the course of the fest, which is why there aren't any one-day ticket sales. Fans are encouraged to attend all three days in order to be exposed to as many new and exciting acts as possible. But again, ticket sales end on Sunday, so be sure to get yours soon if you have plans on attending.

Here is a list of all the scheduled performances and set times over the three-day Deep Blues Festival:

Friday, June 29

3pm Tijauana Hercules!
4pm The Speaking Tongues
5pm  Rue Moor Counts
6pm  Reverend Deadeye
7pm  Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires
8pm PurgAtory Hill
9pm Henry's Funeral Shoe
10pm Ben Prestage
11pm - Special T-Model Ford documentary screening "Put A Stamp On It: The T-Model Ford Story"
Saturday, June 30

noon catl.
1pm Charlie Patton's War
2pm Mark Porkchop Holder
3pm Brian Olive
4pm James Leg
5pm John The Conqueror
6pm Left Lane Cruiser
7pm Buffalo Killers
8pm Daniel Kroha
9pm Radio Moscow
10pm Ben Prestage

Sunday, July 1

2pm Adam Gussow
3pm Restavrant
4pm Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
5pm Possessed By Paul James
6pm Delaney Davidson
7pm Broken Spirits
8pm David Kimbrough Jr.
9pm William Elliott Whitmore
10pm Ben Prestage

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