Dec. 9, 2008: New Western Fifth, Dance Band, & Charlie Parr

Twin Cities News:
-- Western Fifth has posted two Christmas songs on the band's MySpace.
-- Dance Band is also offering a free Christmas EP.
-- Above the Fold recaps Solid Gold's recent Fine Line show.
-- Charlie Parr has completed production on his new album, Roustabout, which will be released February 17.
Charlie Parr "God Moves on the Water" (mp3)
-- Empty's Tapes is offering City on the Make's November 29 show.
-- The boys of Love in October are packing up shop and ditching Minneapolis.
-- MPLSSTPL lists the top ten local artists and albums of 2008.
-- Flogging Molly will be playing the Myth in February.
-- Be an extra in a P.O.S. video this Wednesday.
-- How Was The Show recaps The New Standards' holiday concert.
-- MFR is giving away tickets to see The Duke Spirit @ The Fine Line.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Aunt Dracula, Unicorn Basement & The Chickadee Mountain Martyrs @ Turf Club
Aunt Dracula: (MySpace)
Unicorn Basement: (MySpace)
The Chickadee Mountain Martyrs: (MySpace)
-- James Buckley Trio @ Kitty Kat Klub

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- An Horse "Postcards" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Bootman "I Kissed a Womanizer" (mp3)
(Katy Perry vs. Britney Spears)
-- DJ Design feat. Party Arty "Get on the Floor" (mp3)
-- DJ Design feat. Party Arty "Ohh!" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- DJY alias JY "Voodoo Power" (mp3)
(Snap vs. The Prodigy)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Honeyclaws "Ghostfaceland" (mp3)
-- Honeyclaws "Words" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Kicksville "Surrender" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Lady Sovereign "I Got You Dancing" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Little Joy "No One's Better Sake" (mp3)
-- Franz Nicolay "World/Inferno Vs. the End of the Evening" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- The Raveonettes "Come On Santa" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Titus Andronicus "Titus Andronicus" (mp3)
-- WAVVES "So Bored" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Wax Audio "Come To Nazareth (MLK-Obama Mix)" (mp3)
(Justice vs. John Lennon vs. MLK Jr. vs. Barack Obama)
(Official) (MySpace)