Dec. 15, 2008: Toki Wright, Bob Mould & new P.O.S.

Dec. 15, 2008: Toki Wright, Bob Mould & new P.O.S.

Twin Cities News:
-- The first single from P.O.S.'s upcoming release has just been released.
P.O.S. "Goodbye" (mp3)
-- Bob Mould is set to participate in an upcoming benefit show entitled "The Music of R.E.M."
-- The Wake profiles Toki Wright.
-- Big Quarters & Fifth Element present: Last of the Record Buyers.
-- CP has a photo set from Dan Wilson's Pantages Theatre show-Wilson also performed a set recently for The Current.
-- The Current also hosted an in-studio performance by Heiruspecs.
-- In addition to a recap of Friday night's Mercury Rev/The Duke Spirit show, How Was The Show has posted a (fairly) comprehensive list of 2008's Twin Cities releases.
-- East-Lake lists the best concerts of 2008.
-- Mind Inversion has posted a few photo's from Soulfly's show at The Rock.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- Wu-Tang Clan @ First Avenue
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Wu-Tang Clan "Rock Steady" (mp3)
-- Bun B @ Varsity Theater
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- T.I., Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Boys Like Girls, David Archuleta & Shontelle @ Xcel Energy Center
T.I.: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Rihanna: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Chris Brown: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Lady Gaga: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Boys Like Girls: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
David Archuleta: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Shontelle: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Scott Pinkmountain "You Gave Me This" (mp3)
-- Scott Pinkmountain "I Shall Not Be Released" (mp3)
-- Rainbow Arabia "Omar K" (mp3)
-- SALEM "When U Sleep" (mp3)
-- This is Ivy League "You Me and the Moon (Magnetic Fields cover)" (mp3)
-- This is Ivy League "The Richest Kids" (mp3)
-- This is Ivy League "London Bridges" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)

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