Dec. 12, 2008: The Dillinger Four, Oasis, P.O.S. & Ryan Adams

Twin Cities News:

-- How Was The Show recaps the P.O.S. video shoot Wednesday.

-- City Pages' take on Oasis @ Target Center Wed. night: "Cigarettes and Alcohol" was a real crowd pleaser, and there was no denying its major T-Rex influence as it swam in the guitar; and the girls clutched their hearts while the crowd sang along to "Wonderwall." WFTHG's take on Oasis @ Target Center Wed. night: "The band, while sounding ok(and a lot better than I remember other bands in previous Target Center shows) seemed like they were going through the motions." MspMag's take on Oasis @ Target Center Wed. night: "Liam's voice was in great shape last night and all the old songs sounded fantastic." Strib's take on Oasis @ Target Center Wed. night: "Liam essentially just shouted and muttered his way through lesser tunes... The guy's a consummate rock singer on record, but he certainly wasn't on stage Wednesday."

-- The Current has posted a studio set from Oasis-opener Ryan Adams.

-- A new edition of the Minneapoliscast has been released, featuring tracks from Heiruspecs, Ed Ackerson, and Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps.


-- More Cowbell is giving away some tickets to Longwave & The Silent Years Dec. 16 @ The Entry.

-- Culture Bully lists the best local concerts of 2008.

-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: Love in October announce farewell show.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Dillinger Four, Thrash Compactor, In Defense & Class of '86 @ Triple Rock

Dillinger Four: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)


Dillinger Four "A Jingle For The Product" (mp3)

Dillinger Four "Noble Stabbings" (mp3)

Thrash Compactor: (MySpace)

In Defense: (MySpace)

Class of '86: (MySpace)

-- Mercury Rev & The Duke Spirit @ Fine Line Music Cafe

Mercury Rev: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

The Duke Spirit: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

-- Now, Now Every Children & Tarlton @ The Entry

Now, Now Every Children: (Official) (MySpace)

Now, Now Every Children "Not One, But Two" (mp3)

Now, Now Every Children "Everyone You Know" (mp3)

Tarlton: (Official) (MySpace)


Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Facing New York "All A This" (mp3)

-- Facing New York "Cops on Bikes (WP PM5K Remix)" (mp3)


-- Florian Horwath "Dad You Have Faith In Me, and Yes, I Love You" (mp3)

(Official) (MySpace)

-- Mighty Mike "Rock Me Out" (mp3)

(Franz Ferdinand vs. Michael Jackson vs. Cassius)

-- Mighty Mike "Feel It" (mp3)

(Gorillaz vs. Michael Jackson)

-- Mighty Mike "Pink Music" (mp3)

(Rihanna vs. Pink)


-- The Phantom Band "Folk Song Oblivion" (mp3)

(Official) (MySpace)

-- Soy Un Caballo "Robin" (mp3)

(Official) (MySpace)

-- Those Darlins "Wild One" (mp3)

(Official) (MySpace)