Dear Matt Riehle: Will you be my BFF?

An open letter to Matt Riehle, local folk singer:

Thank you for entering three of your songs in the latest round of the mnSpin contest. As a judge in this round, I was given the opportunity to listen to three new tracks from 38 different local artists (not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I might add), and your songs were by far some of the best that I heard. Since I thought you were awesome, I wanted to find out more about you, so I Googled your name. Turns out, you don't have a MySpace page -- at least not one that I could find easily -- which is actually sort of cool. And then my Google search brought me to a YouTube video of you covering Kanye's "Gold Digger."

Matt, this video made my day. No, my week. I was literally laughing out loud and smiling throughout the entire video. Here are my favorite things about your video, in order of appearance:

1. You somehow seamlessly mixed the lyrics of "Lime and a Coconut" with "Gold Digger." This blows my mind.

2. It looks like you are sitting in a waiting room at first, what with the plant and giant clock. I wish this sort of thing happened in the waiting rooms I frequent.

3. "Get down girl, go hey, get down" (2:21). Hell yes.

4. The cat (2:33). This is the best part of the entire video. After you finish the first chorus and belt out the final "Get down!" your cat responds with a perfectly-timed cry. I had to go back and watch that same part a few more times to fully appreciate the awesomeness.

5. When the camera pans out we see that the cat is sitting in a chair across from you (3:00). Upon closer inspection, it appears you are singing the song directly to the cat.

6. "But when you get on, he leave yo' ass for a white girl" (5:21). A fantastic climax to the song. Have I mentioned that you have a great voice? Lots of power, control, and feeling. It's impressive.

So Matt, in conclusion, thank you for sharing this little slice of heaven with the world. I hope I can hear more of your songs someday. I found a page online that says that you are in a Pink Floyd tribute band called Young Lust, so I'll have to check that out.

Sincerely, Me

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