Dawes to bless us with third album, Stories Don't End, in April

Dawes to bless us with third album, Stories Don't End, in April
Photo by Noah Abrams

Because there will never be enough heartfelt folk-rock with swelling harmonies to sate us, it is a heart-bursting delight to announce that Los Angeles-based indie darlings Dawes have a third album on the way. Titled Stories Don't End, the collection arrives April 9 of this year. And that title says it all, especially if you're a fan of a certain '80s flick featuring a protagonist named Atreyu. 

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dawes' lead singer Taylor Goldsmith says that the band's newest work will push them farther into the realm of "modern" music than their previous albums, which garners a lot of comparisons to Laurel Canyon-era artists. Goldsmith says that contrary to the band's image, their musical goal is different: "I feel like a big part of our existence is, 'Dawes is this cool band that takes us back to the Seventies,' which is never something we wanted at all."

To give fans a hint of their new sound, Dawes have released a preview trailer for their new record, and the difference in sound is obvious. A clip of their new single "From A Window Seat," which the band has been previewing around concerts since last spring, is far more up-tempo and rock-driven than most songs in the Dawes catalog.

The band has released the track listing for Stories Don't End, and it looks like they're featuring a cover of former band mate Blake Mills' "Hey Lover":

01. Just Beneath The Surface
02. From A Window Seat
03. Just My Luck
04. Someone Will
05. Most People
06. Something In Common
07. Hey Lover
08. Bear Witness
09. Stories Don't End
10. From The Right Angle
11. Side Effects
12. Just Beneath The Surface (Reprise)

They say the third album is the most critical album for a band, the one that either solidifies their place in music or erases them entirely. It's certainly a risky move for Dawes to change what has so far been a working formula in their music -- tugging on the heartstrings of nostalgia and all that -- but then again, true fans will probably lap it up. The good news: Dawes doesn't sound like another Mumfy.

No Minneapolis dates yet, but we're not worried. The band has made no secret about their love for Minneapolis, and we'll expect them soon. 

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