Davina and the Vagabonds featured on Midmorning

It's always interested to see which local artists are selected to appear on Midmorning, Kerri Miller's popular hour-long show on MPR. Because it's part of the regular news programming and not featured on an all-music channel like the Current, it can give an artist the opportunity to reach a much larger, broader audience.

Today's guest was the ubiquitous jazz/blues/swing project Davina and the Vagabonds, who have been gigging regularly around the Twin Cities for years but have received a boost this year based on the quality of their new album, 

Black Cloud

. Vivacious singer and pianist Davina Sower is a unique force in the local scene, and it's cool to see her and her band getting some much-deserved attention from the Midmorning program.

You can listen to their entire appearance here, complete with performances and an interview with guest host Tom Weber:

Learn more about Davina and the Vagabonds on their website.

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