David Cross tonight at the State Theatre

David Cross tonight at the State Theatre

He's the youngest 45 year-old we can think of.

Isn't it weird how this middle aged man has managed to insinuate himself into the cultural awareness of the 20-something hipster set?

Well he has, mostly by keeping his humor unapologetically adolescent and obsessed with pot smoking, weird snacks, and getting drunk. Touring rock bars, and letting punk bands open for him, didn't hurt either.

Hey, it's a good dollar if you can get it. And the Emmy award winning writer from The Ben Stiller Show, Mr. Show, and countless viral comedy bits, gets a bump up to first class tonight as he plays the posh State Theatre.

Well, everyone has to grow up sometimes, we suppose. But has he? Just because the venue is decidedly more adult doesn't mean there will be less stoner wisecracking and fart jokes. Which might add a little flare to the otherwise predictable routine of Cross' half improved, half scripted take on stand-up.

Let's face it--David Cross works best off a script and against a field of actors (see Arrested Development and his outstanding cameo in Men In Black for proof). When you watch his stand-up, you're watching someone pull off a strange performative stunt--recreating the experience of smoking a joint with your friend's funny older brother.

7:30 P.M. $35.00. State Theater, 824 Hennepin avenue, Minneapolis; 612.339.7007.

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