David Bowie debuts new song "Where Are We Now?"

A still from David Bowie's new video.
A still from David Bowie's new video.
The glam rock legend David Bowie has emerged from hiding after a decade. It's his 66th birthday, and the celebration marks the release of a new single called "Where Are We Now?" Judging by the visual above, Bowie might be feeling a tad disembodied these days. The song comes with the announcement of his 30th studio album, The Next Day, coming later this year.

This video, directed by Tony Oursler, is apparently a nod to Bowie's years in Berlin. As footage of the auto repair shop below his apartment plays, we watch this strange two-headed doll with his noggin attached sing along to this world-weary song. Eventually, this metaverse adds a layer as a full-bodied Bowie is seen in a

Song of Norway

T-shirt is seen on the sidelines in the studio where the video's being created.

There's a certain level of frailty that comes with his delivery, but this definitely will be a melody to cherish on days that aren't just the ones starved for news.

More on the new album here, and an explanation why they decided to recycle the Heroes cover for this new one here.

And, here's the last time we heard from Bowie in recent years -- a cameo on Ricky Gervais' Extras in 2006 doing something you might call "Chubby Little Loser." (HT: Kate Murray)

Transmission's yearly David Bowie tribute is at Varsity Theater on January 30. More info here.

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