David Allan Coe to play Toby Keith's tonight


Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill, open since last year in St. Louis Park, has been described by one reviewer as "Think LoneStar Steakhouse meets Hooters," and by another as "Sucky seriously Sucky food." David Allan Coe has been described as a tongue-in-cheek liberal redneck gay rights advocate, as a long-haired racist, and as a civil rights advocating abuser of auto harmonizer and dreadlocks.

Why, pray tell, should any of this concern you?


Steakhouses meet booby bars. Sucky, sucky meets liberal rednecks. Long-haired racists meet dreadlocked auto harmonizer abusers.

Coe will be playing Toby Keith's bar tonight (Thurs Jan 13, 2011, 9:30, $15).

Wouldn't you like to explain to your water cooler pals come Friday morning breaktime that you've sorted this all out for yourself? We promise it'll make you the strangest person in the office. Bonus points if you ride the mechanical bull located in the bar, or if you can name at least one song sung by Toby Keith.

(Disclaimer: We guarantee you will not be able to sort any of this out by Friday morning. Don't feel bad. It's pretty much impossible.)