Dave Grohl suing Scissor Sisters over indecent exposure

In a stunning new video, Dave Grohl has announced that he is suing glam dance band Scissor Sisters over a

penis slip incident


In case you aren't familiar with Scissor Sisters, think downtown dinner jackets with upturned collars, major coiffage, falsettos, excellent dancing, mesh. The five-member giganto-pop group has been kicking around the world for nine years now, ample time to make some enemies, which they now have in Dave Grohl.

The Nirvana drummer cum Foo Fighter impresario is suing the band from top management to bottom wardrobe attendant after seeing member Jake Shears' balls at a recent show.

In a video uploaded two days ago Grohl outlines the experience of attending a Scissor Sisters show only to be emotionally scarred by "Jake's nuts," a more-than-common occurrence at Sisters shows.

How likely Grohl is to succeed remains to be seen, but considering the mischievous rocker's penchant for Borat-like cinema verite, Jake will likely hold onto his $75 million along with his testicles.

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