Dave Chappelle gets First Avenue star

Dave Chappelle gets First Avenue star
Photo courtesy of the artist

Aside from enjoying his status on the cover of a Prince record, Dave Chappelle can now claim another important milestone here in the Twin Cities.

The self-described "lazy comedian" who hosted one of TV's funniest shows of all time has just capped a week of performances at First Avenue -- eight in total at the club since Monday -- and now he's got the star to prove it.

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Chappelle's intimate shows to seated crowds at First Ave have proven that the guy still can hold an audience rapt and make them lose control. It also showed that the rock venue proves a comfortable setting for a comedy show. Bouncing across the stage like basketball player in the open court -- if baskeball players did such things with long, slow-burning cigarettes hanging from their lips -- he brought some material this week exploring the Hartford performance debacle, hiring Paula Deen as his personal chef, Lil Wayne guest-starring on CSI, and a lot of ribald "pussy" jokes.

All the while, he spoke to the audience, and let them put their hands on the wheel a little to steer the evenings with some locally inspired humor. Wednesday's early evening show included several ad-libbed interludes with a man dressed in a flamboyant leisure suit that wouldn't look out of place in Morris Day's closet.

These nights will leave the Twin Cities with a lot of memories, and First Ave had good reason to show their gratitude with the upgrade to their exterior. More on the surprise shows via Star Tribune, including the tidbits that Chappelle and Steve McClellan are the only non-musicians with stars and that this is the largest stretch of mainroom shows by one performer. More local perspective comes via his interview with WCCO's Reg Chapman.

Caption: "Thanks Dave Chappelle for an incredible week."

Dave Chappelle gets First Avenue star
Via First Avenue's instagram

Chappelle will launch into four shows at the Pantages Theatre this Friday and Saturday, and reports suggest that these performances are being filmed for some sort of larger project. We'll keep our ears to the ground for any more details.

Look for tickets for Dave Chappelle's shows at the Pantages -- most are already sold out -- here.

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