Daughtry signals our failure to rock in the '00s

Daughtry signals our failure to rock in the '00s

In case you missed it, earlier today we shared our votes for the top 10 biggest bummers of the decade for Minnesota. And while there were plenty of bummers that affected us on a national and worldwide scale, there is one specific bummer that has left a permanent and irreversible stamp of suckdom on our generation forever: The failure of rock music in the '00s.

Since its inception, rock bands have historically proven to be one of the most influential voices of their generation.

In the '70s you had bands like Aerosmith, Zeppelin and Black Sabbath rocking faces off. The '80s were all about hot-ass rock and even hotter-ass hair with groups like Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Poison (oh, and there was this guy from Minneapolis who released a few songs and a movie called Purple Rain during that decade too). Then the '90s came through and brought with it a new voice with grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Guess what, '00s? The voice of your generation is Daughtry. Great work.

Remember back in 1999, when everyone was worried that Y2K was going to destroy the world? The good news is, it didn't. The bad news is, it made everyone tone deaf (and it taught every pussy with eyeliner and a tight black t-shirt how to play the guitar).

Take a look at the list of bands that ROCKED the past decade: Nickelback, Creed, Three Doors Down and of course, Daughtry. The worst part? Daughtry's 2007 debut album was the fastest selling rock album in Soundscan history. Hang on; let that sink in.


Fortunately, a new decade is just weeks away, bringing the possibility that a new, stronger and better group of bands will emerge to rock the generic, uninspired bands of the '00s off into a permanent slot on the State Fair circuit. Here's hoping.

On an unrelated note, the new season of American Idol starts on January 12.


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