Daughter's Remi Aguilella talks band dynamics ahead of their Entry show Wednesday

Daughter's Remi Aguilella talks band dynamics ahead of their Entry show Wednesday
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Daughter's two EP's are a clear depiction of pre-and-post-breakup resilience. The songs of the young London band are all full of intense emotional mood swings and weighted words. As any toxic relationship can most assuredly leave you grieving, Daughter evokes emotions that leave you practically gutted; exposing all of frontwoman Elena Tonra's doubts and insecurities through her songs. The motley heaviness of Daughter's albums might hail from the shallows, but the realities of her stories are laid bare directly in front of her audience. Because Elena's closest band mate, guitarist Igor Haefeli, also doubles as Elena's boyfriend, which perfectly reflects the inspirations behind their passionately troubled songs.

Elena has taken Daughter from the depths of solo acoustic bedroom shows, to a three-piece band performing in the lower-level bar scene throughout the UK, straight to a feature as Vogue magazine's Artist of the Week, as well as a spotlight performance on the David Letterman show. With a high voltage voice that allows Elena to hit notes that feel like milk mixed with the bitterness of champagne, and some exaggeratedly close lyrics, Daughter will without a doubt ravage 7th Street Entry on Wednesday with their first Minneapolis performance.

Daughter's drummer, and possible third wheel, Remi Aguilella, provided Gimme Noise with an insight into the youthful band's take off into indie stardom.

Tell me a bit about how Elana took Daughter from a solo project to the band it is now?

Remi Aguilella: We all met in Music College, I was doing a degree in drums - and I met Elana. We had played quite a few times together just as friends. It started out with just Elana as Daughter, of course.

She started out just acoustic, then Igor [her boyfriend] joined the band, and then I came along.

Any talk of expanding on the band?

You'll see on stage we swap instruments, I end up on bass sometimes. So a three piece sounds good for the moment, so maybe one day we'll have more, but it's working quite well right now.

I think people are interested to hear how the dynamic works between Igor and Elena in the band - does it affect the group?

Not really, I mean I've always been kind of weird about asking Elena about the meaning of the lyrics. She likes to let people interpret what the song is going to be about on their own. I'm always kind of scared that it's going to be too personal to ask her what it would be about...

There's no obvious fighting involved while you're on tour right?

Oh no, not at all - it's all good, don't worry!

People will always be concerned about couple's in a band, but it works. I'm thinking of Bruce Springsteen right now, and he tours with his wife...So I don't know why Daughter can't do it.

You guys have the David Letterman show coming up...

Oh my god! That's going to be a bit stressful, that's our first TV performance, so we're nervous.

We'll be fine. [Editors Note: Indeed they were "fine." This performance is quite smashing.]

You sound a bit overwhelmed...

It's funny because I personally grew up in France, and I told my parents about David Letterman and they said, very complacently, "OK." - They weren't phased by it; they didn't understand the volume of how big it is here. It's going to be our first headline tour in the States. We haven't really done one internationally as a headliner. So, yes I am overwhelmed, I guess.

You had coverage as Artist of the Week in Vogue; tell me how that was...

Oh yeah, that was the first big press that we had. We were still playing very small shows in the UK. And somehow we had an institution as big as Vogue attracting us, and featuring us in the magazine.

How many songs do you have in total? You only have two EP's and the recent release of "Smother", right?

"Smother" and "Run" are two of the new singles...

We're still in the process of recording a full length album, which hopefully will come out during next year. Then we're just going to be releasing a lot of new material. We wanted to take our time recording it. There might be a few songs mixed from the old EP, on the new album; we're still debating about it. But there will definitely be a great deal of new songs.

Will you be playing any new songs on this tour?

We're all going to try and play a few. But we want to make sure we're happy with it before we start showing it to the world. It's just going to be a matter if we're ready to play them. But hopefully we'll be ready, and surprise a few!

What can we expect for a sound on the new album?

First of all, we're working with Rodaidh McDonald, he's recently been credited for The xx, Vampire Weekend, and Adele; he's a great guy. He's kind of helped us to get the sound that we're looking for, and Igor is co-producing it. So it's still going to be the Daughter sound, but it's going to be a bit more mature, heavier and darker I would say. I think the song "Smother" is a great introduction to the new album, to that new sound that we're getting. There will be a couple upbeat as well...

Daughter play the 7th Street Entry with Choir Of Young Believers on Wednesday, October 24. The show is 18+ and doors are at 8 p.m. Tickets are still available for $10.

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