Daughters of the Sun tour diary, pt. 3


We have received another installment of tour diary from local psych-rockers Daughters of the Sun -- and this one is even more cryptic than the last. We may need to hire a translator. These entries are completely unedited, feel free to leave your own interpretations in the comments.


wake up headed to down the most brutal of brown wake up calls.  Busted up an art piece of blue boy with a fuckin goat head 3d style.  sound the alarms.  went to get the most frugal of goods at the club.  bummer not much for the militant veg head.  shit.  have to load in!  get our amps in all their glory and load.  our closest austin comrades make the best squash italiano straight into my face.  play at mohawks with homies indian jewelry, and have the most killer time.  loud as hell.  see old friends from mpls who moved.  lonelest stars.  go to cartrights for mega after party.  kegs and kegs and don't even drink any.  last nite in austin.


feel even better than before.  drive in the a.m. straight to weird world of gore fest oklahoma.  Puentes own's all this land south of muskogee.  we stopped and erected the most brutal tent.  we will win.  cruise through bosco mtns honest. and arrive in fayetteville, arkansas.  totallly gore jeous.  show up to this fourth of july party.  veg kabobs and beer.  power animal played.  then we ripped it. upsidedown us flag and all.  sweat style.  lame wad instantly wants an acoustic guitar to sing about how he has "jim's disease"  no shit.  he's been diagonsed.  it's when you feel the need to "live fast and die young".  he's like "on the road" you know.  bennett eventually kicked his shit out of the party.  who's been selling this southern boy heroin.  he get's it from mpls.  shame shame know your name.  i slept atop broken glass. jahh


waffle house. el ray couldn't stop staring at troll.  i think he was in love.  cruise to omaha after an eternity.  oh my god.  we hear the van's done.  well omaha is the same. vanados still illin'.  finally buttoned up at midnight, and vanadose has caught a case of the shakes.  on through the night.  shake me lucifer all through tha bermuda rectangle.  stop in victor iowa to view the rainbow colored tomb after tomb.  more dead than alive in victor iowa. all 3 of us nestle together atop the van under der lunes.  zen hell.