Daughters of the Sun tour diary, pt. 2

Daughters of the Sun were kind enough to send us another update from the road, this one detailing their journey through Omaha and Texas. Once again, we remind our readers that these entries are unedited, and come straight from the band. Read on for some awesome road tales from the Twin Cities' favorite psych rock band, complete with photos.

Omaha porch.

We wake up and Derry is still blastin away at Vanados, and we're gettin pretty stir crazy so we decide to borrow Derry's van, which he just gripped for free from some crazy in Buffalo, NY.  Fureal, no insurance, no papers xcept some zigzagz. just a lost soul van and we've gotta drive it to the border and back basically. Only info on the van is that it's called the Jesus Christler and there's a little shoe on the dash that can't leave, here's why...
Derry blasts this story that he and his homeboy were in Buffalo and this mug was getting fresh with some chic.  Derry's buddy's all like "lets go out to my van."  She agrees.  They get in the van and the first thing she says is "You better fuck me fast, I'm on heroin."  It happened and the shoe and story are all that remains.  Spah life.

Miss Dallas show, drive straight thru to Austin where our friends at the Plex haus are still up at 445am.  It was over 90 degrees in the middle of the night.  Spa.  

Taking it easy in the Texas heat. Take a prowl in the Chool bus, a modifyd school bus turned thrasher.  Punkest dude Billy's drivin and the only way to xcell on this bus is I've gotta lift up the hood inside the bus and he's gotta bust the throttle with a pipe.  Hit up some local rec stores to do tha consignment thing/DIY distro.  Play the Cartwright house 2nite.  We set up to thrash and Nick from Cartright comes up and says "the keg just ran out so y'all better play real quick".  We do and the room is stuffed full of punx at 100 degreez, total nutzo.  Ripper show w/ Ripper peeps.  We hang out for a while, leave our gear and head home. 

Wake up head back over to the Cartwright house to get out gear.  Even hotter today.  No show tonight, which is ok.  Just riding around in CHOOL BUS some more.  More consignment.  Mama got her man's key for the condo pool so we get some beer and head for the north side.  Righteous bathroom roof to jump off, flip galore. Great times.  It's Cole's birthday tonight so we hit the town.  Roam to the cheapest joints.  Austin at night looks like a zombie take-over or somethin, drunk jock bras just stumblin' around.  We dance our asses off and end up at the house that looks like Bowser's Lair.  Straight up. Where the kegs breathe fire, and the idiot convos are relentless.