Dark Dark Dark, Roma di Luna featured in this week's City Pages


This Saturday, two separate and ever-evolving bands with two entirely separate interpretations of indie folk will come together for a dual CD-release show at First Avenue. In honor of this huge show, we sat down with members of both Dark Dark Dark and Roma di Luna to talk about their latest projects for this week's print edition of City Pages.

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Roma di Luna release Then The Morning Came

Rob van Alstyne talks to bandleaders Alexei and Channy Moon Caselle about their growing band and brood, and the effect parenthood has had on their music.

Dark Dark Dark unearth their most confident and poignant album yet

Erik Thompson reviews the band's new album, Wild Go, and talks to Marshall LaCount about the making of the new record.

Dark Dark Dark and Roma di Luna play a joint CD-release show with opener Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps and DJ Anatomy on Saturday, October 2, at First Avenue. 18+. $10. 6 p.m.