Dark Dark Dark and Gayngs announce new music

It's practically perfect out today, so a summer coup for me and you.

The wayfaring and lovely Dark Dark Dark announced a summer (West Coast) tour, the release of their next album, and a song called "Daydreaming" today, always a treat. The song sees them continuing a progression into a less Old Folk and more pop vibe - probably just a more confident one. However that lays, yay. The record, Wild Go, is scheduled for release in October with a larger tour following. Peep their butts!

You can find more information on their website.

Dark Dark Dark, "Daydreaming"

And equally yet so differently exciting news: Ryan Olson announced today in the bar-none peerless English music magazine the Quietus that Gayngs will at some point be releasing a 7" covering George Michael's "One More Try," with Har Mar Superstar on vocals. Who knows what Olsen & Co. do with the relatively sparse song (and video, wherein he actually traces a heart into a mirror); it sounds like a Gayngs recording already, which is sort of the idea. Olsen explained:

"Most reviews of Gayngs or the album seem to reference George Michael so we thought it'd be cute to put it out. when can you hear it? We're not a real band, so there's no rush for us to do anything at all."

You can read the full interview here.

Here's my favorite Wham! song, because Christmas in summertime:

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