Danzig rep issues statement on last week's cancellation

Last week we were disappointed to report Glenn Danzig had found The Cabooze an unsuitable venue to perform in and canceled, with little notice, his show there. As our short interview with Cabooze employee Michelle Metz made the web rounds we waited for a response from Glenn's tour publicist regarding the cancellation, hoping they would be able to shed some light and rationality on the situation.

Their response came this morning.

New York's The End Records sent this in on behalf of Danzig, after explaining our requests for comment had been -- an all-too-common fact of interweb life -- lost in a spam folder.

So, to clear up any ill will or confusion around the incident, here's their statement:

"Due to production issues with the venue that were out of our control, Danzig regretfully canceled his performance at The Cabooze in Minneapolis."

Oh, ok. Thanks.