Danzig pulls out of Cabooze show at last minute

Glenn Danzig has not entered the building

Glenn Danzig has not entered the building

Last night Danzig, sourpuss extraordinaire, was scheduled to appear at the Cabooze in support of his new record, Deth Red Sabaoth, that no one's heard of. Looks like it will probably stay that way, at least around the Twin Cities. 

The Cabooze is an appropriately dingy, dark, alcohol-soaked venue for the once and future king of pop-goth to appear. Unfortunately for the fans, the venue, and the merch table, Danzig had committed to canceling before doors had even opened. We spoke with Michelle Metz at the Cabooze to get the story.

So what happened?

His version was that the ceiling wasn't high enough.

Uh, that's kind of random.

Right. Maybe the floor was too high?

Who'd he tell that to?

He walked off the show before we even opened the doors.

They picked him up around noonish, he was pretty bitter then. Then it just went from bad to worse, idle threats, and then finally he just said "fuck it, I'm outta here."

So you guys had to issue refunds?

We did. All night. The hard tickets we gave them back cash, online was done through Ticketmaster.

What an asshole.

That was everybody's consensus at the door. I gotta say, in all my years here I've never heard of that excuse if you're gonna use one. Second of all I was crushed.

There was several people who walked in and said "this is the sixth time I've tried to see him."

You'd think a 30-year veteran of the music business would be more professional.

Frankly I thought it was all about rock 'n roll I had no idea it had to do with the fuckin' 15-foot ceilings. We lost several thousand dollars we're never gonna recoup, between the hospitality, the ads, the runners, the people to pick up at the airport, the this, the that.

I'm sure he slept soundly.

Oh he slept well, trust me. I don't think the guy has any of that going on for him. I don't think he sees it, I don't think he feels it. I think he feels good about himself. I don't know if the room wasn't big enough for his ego or...I don't know where he was coming from with the ceiling thing. He's too old to do gymnastics, I didn't get it. I can't even wrap my head around it. It's so convoluted.

It's disheartening. The whole thing is just sad. We're trying to recoup some of our losses here and we don't know where to start or stop. We tried everything to make the guy comfortable and it just wasn't working.

Phone calls to Danzig's PR rep have not yet been returned.