Danny Brown on oral sex at Triple Rock: It takes two to tango

When Danny Brown returned to town with Action Bronson earlier this month, he said Minneapolis was one of his "favorite cities to play... and I think you all know why." Unfortunately we do, Danny.

Back in April at Triple Rock Social Club, the Detroit rapper was subjected to an infamous bit of kissing on his privates by a female fan in the front row, and an infamous bit of a social media firestorm followed. Notably, his tourmate Kitty Pryde struck a blow at the woman involved and called the incident a sexual assault, but Brown remained silent on the issue. Until now, which coincidentally is a few days before the release of his impressive new album, Old.

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Without putting words in his mouth, Gimme Noise had all but seen this conclusion coming. Brown's outspokenness on Twitter at the time -- "and didn't miss one bar bruh bruh" was his reply to Kendrick Lamar -- suggested that he didn't feel violated by the situation. Now, he admits he has some regrets with how well, er, he handled things.

In an interview with Complex, which features some stirring layout choices and succeeds in making Brown look incredibly stylish, he discussed his thoughts on Pryde's allegations:
I gave up on trying to be a dad to Kitty Pryde. I didn't want her to write that piece. People get their dicks sucked every day, B. It shouldn't be a big deal. I just felt embarrassed because I wasn't all the way hard yet. With a little more time she could have got the full power.
Pitchfork got him to address the situation too. It's weird that the father-daughter stuff keeps coming up, but what can you do?
While Brown says he "loves [Kitty] like my daughter," he doesn't totally agree with her interpretation of the incident. "I look back at it and see that it takes two to tango," he admits. "As much as it was [the young woman at the concert's] fault, it was my fault, too."
If we are lucky, that is the end of that. For the sake of everyone focusing more on the actual music that made anyone want to go see Danny Brown in the first place -- seriously, go listen to "The Return" off Old -- let's hope he does his job and stays buttoned up onstage from here on out.

H/T [Mr. Rich Juzwiak at Gawker]

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