Dance Band tonight at the Nomad

class=img_thumbleft>"Music you can dance to" is about as inspired a gimmick as "food you poop out later." The fact that Dance Band pulls it off without seeming utterly ridiculous is a testament to their unstoppable charm. That's not to say they don't look ridiculous--I mean, isn't that the point of dancing in the first place?

What you'll get if you go: Glammy dance punk beats, a lead singer who can't keep his clothes on, and the catchiest chorus you'll hear all week: "This how you dance/This is how you dance/This is how you dance when you die." (And I'm not just saying that because my heart belongs to the Zombie Pub Crawl.) Dance Band finishes off a month of Thursday night gigs at the Nomad tonight. Omaur Bliss and Mel Gibson & the Pants round out the bill.

Did I mention how ridiculous they look ?

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