Dance Band frontman bows out


Captain Octagon, front and center.

Picked 2 Click funkers Dance Band got a touch of rough news today as Captain Octagon, the charismatic, perpetually semi-nude front man of the heralded local outfit, announced that he will be bowing out of the band he helped start.

The elusive Captain Octagon in his natural habitat-- leading a dance party. Octagon announced his departure from Dance Band today.

Octagon, who's birth name is Paul Wichser, spoke to Gimme Noise and stated that the decision, though it came with a great deal of sadness, is best for everyone involved, not least of which is his son, who is approaching 2 years of age and requiring the lion's share of Octagon's affections.

" I thought the kid and [Dance Band] could co-exist," said Octagon, "but I need some more time and energy for him."

Though the decision is final, a few details have yet to emerge-- Octagon's gears are spinning about a final send-off show (smart money says a sweaty grand farewell is in Octagon's future), and though a replacement hasn't yet been found, Octagon insists that the band will move on without him.