Damning evidence Taylor Swift thinks Minnesotans are idiots

Taylor Swift thinks we're a bunch moose-hunting dummies!

Taylor Swift thinks we're a bunch moose-hunting dummies!

When pop culture mega-force Kim Kardashian called Minnesotans "yeehaws" (or whatever), we took great offense. How dare you, Kim Kardashian, with your California affectations and oiled-up rear, degrade us flyover folk with your callous and classicist put-downs? Boy howdy, we were steamed. 

Another pop culture mega-force, porcelain pop genome project Taylor Swift, is much more beloved by the masses than Kardashian. The ingeniously marketed and genuinely talented  singer/songwriter — who hits Xcel Energy Center Friday through Sunday on her 1989 World Tour — would never betray us .... or would she?

Our crack Google reporting team discovered some damning evidence of T-Swift, that supposed fan-forward beam of sunshine, reducing Minnesotans to cruel, dumb stereotypes during a BBC Radio interview way back in 2009. Part Fargo and part Sarah Palin, here's the smoking gun:

My God. We let our kids — our wholesome, apple-cheeked, frozen pizza-fed kids — listen to a monster capable of such gleefully malicious behavior? Vans, deer, snow drifts, soccer practice, humiliating accents — never has a superstar celebrity punched down so hard, so viciously for 52 seconds. How. Could. You. Taylor? For someone raised on a blue-blood Pennsylvanian Christmas tree farm, Swift's words and actions are more in keeping with another biblical character: Judas.

Glamorizing colonial Africa; tone-policing minority pop stars; now this? I think I speak for Governor Mark Dayton when I say go home, Taylor. You can skip St. Paul and take your roving caravan of middle America pigeonholing elsewhere, like the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, where they put up with this kind of trash.