Dale Watson with Whitey Morgan & the 78s: Save the date


If you're reading this, there's a good chance you like country music. There's an even better chance you never had a chance to see two of the most important figures in country music perform live during their heyday.


That first individual would be Merle Haggard. Of course, Merle still performs today, and is still excellent, but imagine seeing him perform in 1968, when he was just 31 years old (and 8 years out of San Quentin).

Or imagine seeing Waylon Jennings long before he passed away in nearly a decade ago at the age of 64.

Neither one possible, but you can come pretty darn close by checking out modern country's replacements for the likes of Merle and Waylon. Texan Dale Watson, whom Hank III has referred to as "the savior of traditional country music," will be playing at Lee's Liquor Lounge Wednesday 6/8 (8:00, $15) and looking every bit the part of classic Merle. At the same time, expect Flint, Michigan openers Whitey Morgan & the 78's to throw straight back to classic Waylon.

In fact, here they are all together covering Merle...

...and then Waylon.