Dale Connelly's 'Radio Heartland' canceled by MPR

For the uninitiated, Radio Heartland is a HD radio station that MPR created in 2008, playing music consistent with the title -- "acoustic and Americana" -- starting each day with "The Dale Connelly Show"...until this Friday morning, when Connelly will make his final broadcast. A 34-year veteran of the station, Connelly appears to be getting somewhat unceremoniously ushered out, with the station issuing a release two days before the last broadcast -- though the change may have been in the works for some time.

MPR's very succinct announcement:

Minnesota Public Radio is ending Radio Heartland with Dale Connelly on the Radio Heartland Web and HD music service effective Friday, June 4, 2010. This move is being taken in order to move the Radio Heartland platform to a more sustainable business model. Dale Connelly is part of the fabric of what built MPR into the strong service that it is today, and MPR is deeply grateful for his 34 years of innovation and service.

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