Daft Punk to tour behind Tron soundtrack?


Daft Punk, incognito.

God dammit, Daft Punk, would it kill you to come to the Twin Cities? Like, just once in a while? How much longer do I have snooze with copies of Discovery and Homework under my pillow, dreaming of sugarplum nights prostrate before your obsidian pyramid, gazing into your lifeless, robotic visors, while you guys hit Chicago and L.A. and New York for the umpteenth time?

Well, whispers out of the ongoing ComicCon in San Diego-- not only are Daft Punk providing the tunes for the upcoming remake of 80s classic Tron, they may also be planning to tour behind the soundtrack upon release of the film.

Daft Punk performing "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" live.

From the Pitchfork dispatch:

Well, according to Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, Daft Punk may be so proud of their score that they'll take it on the road, not something they do particularly often.

Earlier today, Kosinski spoke at Comic-Con International, giving a few tantalizing details about the flick. According to Movieline (via Idolator), someone in the crowd at Kosinski's panel asked him if Daft Punk would tour their soundtrack, and he said that "there would definitely be Daft Punk Tron-themed events on the horizon." Tron Legacy isn't due until 2011, and we've been burned by movie directors before, so don't start polishing your robot helmet just yet. But if this is true, it could be so awesome.

Yes, it's a ways out-- long enough to breath normally, and to keep hopes at a low simmer, lest they curdle when some corporate schmuck nixes the whole idea.

But Daft Punk's fans, particularly their American fans, have been shivering out here in this musical wasteland without them and their pageantry. We've watched the live footage-- it's knob twisting, button pressing, and the well-timed fist pump. How hard could it be to go on tour like a normal band? Far as we can tell, it's the fans doing all the work.

We'll be keeping our keenest eye on this story-- Daft Punk performing anywhere within a day's drive of the Twin Cities is, how the  French say, une gran chose.