Daft Punk is actually Minnesota's favorite band

Daft Punk is actually Minnesota's favorite band
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Sorry local Metric fans, but Daft Punk is actually what Minnesota listens to the most right now.

As noted in a post earlier this week, the stat-crunching minds at Echo Nest broke out a list that was interpreted by many folks to be a map of each state's favorite bands. It was not, and it never claimed to be.

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Again, Metric has more popularity in Minnesota compared to other states in the U.S., or to put it in the words of Echo Nest gurus, they "are listened to proportionally more frequently in [Minnesota] than they are in all of the United States."

Proportions are one thing, and sheer, unadulterated popularity is quite another. Based upon aggregated streaming data assigned to specific zip codes, we've got some new projections on the big board!

As today's map shows, Minnesota joins Oregon, California, and Massachusetts as the states to stream Daft Punk above all others. It looks a lot like election season all of a sudden.

Jay-Z has most of the mid-to-Eastern United States locked down, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are handling the Pacific Northwest and some prime Bible Belt, Drake is dominating the Southwest. Alaska, North Dakota, and West Virginia love Eminem, Colorado digs Lorde, South Dakota is Imagine Dragons country, and somehow Alt-J is the most-streamed act in Vermont. That last stat is baffling.

Daft Punk is actually Minnesota's favorite band
Also of note, an enterprising Twitter user sirbroosk devised this map to document each state's least-favorite band. No statistical analysis was employed, but you get the idea.
Daft Punk is actually Minnesota's favorite band

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