Dada Trash Collage unleashes new track from upcoming 'Ambitious Out Of Control' LP

'Ambitious Out Of Control' artwork

'Ambitious Out Of Control' artwork

When cruising the vast ocean of memes and troll activity known as the internet, how can one truly know the most efficient way to keep accurate tabs on mysterious productivity machines like Dada Trash Collage? Well, Twitter of course!

Billy Freed, the mastermind behind Dada Trash Collage, provided a link in a recent tweet to a new track entitled "Looking At A Storm" from his upcoming LP with Bear Ears Ambitious Out Of Control, and apparently it's a doozy.


The new collaboration album and companion DVD will contain both tracks from their recent 7-inch Looking At The Ground as well as the digital single "Layers Of Ice." Will this be how Ambitious Out Of Control comes to fruition; piece by piece via a flurry of strategically spaced-out social media reveals? You'll just have to keep your eyes glued to the interweb to find out.

''Looking At A Storm'' can be streamed below: