Czeslaw's Loop unites dozens of local musicians for massive riverside Art-A-Whirl project

What started as an annual tradition during Art-A-Whirl has now transformed into a project of monumental proportions. Previously known as the Boat Project, which would invite local noise and experimental rock bands to play on the roof of a houseboat and out in the middle of the Mississippi River behind Northeast's Sample Room restaurant (and won our "Best Local Concert" award in 2010), the event will grow even bigger and be streamlined into a more official presentation as Czeslaw's Loop: The Final Opus.

The concept seems a little esoteric, but it is Art-A-Whirl after all, so bear with us: the performance series is "based on the creative struggle of late 1960s electronic composer Czeslaw Janecki, whose final opus was never performed. An event composed and executed as a four-act opera spread over a three day period, Czeslaw's Loop features a generational cross section of Minneapolis' most influential figures in arts and music."

But what's most exciting is the list of musicians who have signed on to helm each leg of the project: The first night will be conducted by Ryan Olson and Stef Alexander (a.k.a. P.O.S.) of Marijuana Deathsquads and will feature contributions from their ever-evolving cast of cohorts, while the second night will be led by Chris Strouth and include players like Tom Hazelmyer (AmRep, Halo of Flies), Dylan Hicks, and Zachary Vex. There will also be two daytime sessions led by Creative Electric Studios, who originally spearheaded the annual Boat Project.

To preview the series, the event's producers Permanent Art and Design Group sent over a batch of four teaser videos, one for each acts of the Czeslaw's Loop "opera," along with some information on the musicians involved in each stage of the project. For more info, check out their website.

ACT ONE: DESIRE (Friday, May 20th / on the river / Sunset): Conducted by Ryan Olson (Gayngs, Totally Gross National Product) and Stef Alexander (P.O.S., Doomtree). The concept of desire and the creative "brainstorm" will inspire a 2+ hour multi-media composition featuring Isaac Gale, members of Marijuana Deathsquads, Martin Dosh, a fleet of drummers, musicians from numerous local bands, electronic overtures, and large scale projections, lights and motion visuals from Playatta, Dr.Clement Shimizu and the Elumenati Group.

Desire (ACT 1) from Permanent Art and Design Group on Vimeo.

ACT TWO: EPIPHANY (Saturday, May 21st / on shore / Noon): The Sample room parking lot will be transformed into an ongoing installation curated by Creative Electric Studios. Focusing on the reflective part of the creative process, Act Two will feature sculpture, sound art and interactive performance from artists Sean Connaughty, Ben Garthus, John Keston, and Ostraka Performance.

Epiphany (ACT 2) from Permanent Art and Design Group on Vimeo.

ACT THREE: CREATION (Saturday, May 21st / on the river / Sunset): Conducted by Chris Strouth (Paris 1919, Future Perfect, Twin Tone Records). The third act will bring to life the completed opus, the pinnacle of the artist's creative process. Featuring a conducted orchestra, choir, local musicians including Tom Hazelmyer (HazeXXL, AmRep, Halo of Flies), Dylan Hicks, ZacharyVex (Fauna), soprano Maria Jette, and large scale projections, lights and motion visuals from Wonderhaus, Dr.Clement Shimizu and the Elumenati Group.

Creation (ACT 3) from Permanent Art and Design Group on Vimeo.

ACT FOUR: DECLINE (Sunday, May 22nd / on shore / Noon):The fourth and final act will be performed on Sunday afternoon by collaborating artists creating a physical, day-long effigy to the end of the creative process. Interactive performance, sound art and sculpture park featuring the work of Sean Connaughty and Ostraka Performance.

Decline (ACT 4) from Permanent Art and Design Group on Vimeo.

ALSO FEATURING: Tabatha Pedrovitch, Jacquline Ultan, Tim Ritter, TS-DJ/Hustler, Drew Miller, Scott LeGere, Hastings 3000, Matt Franklin, Jon Hunt, Christian Erickson, Mike Croswell, Rob Callahan, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Richard Werbowenko, Matty Schlinder, Joe Vanphillips, Charles Gehr, Mark McGee, Jason Power, Ben Ivascu, Freddy Votel and more.

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