Curtiss A still angry about Stephin Merritt's John Lennon diss

Stephin Merritt's comments about John Lennon enraged Curtiss A
Stephin Merritt's comments about John Lennon enraged Curtiss A
Photo by Erik Hess

It turns out that Curtiss A has almost as much distaste for the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt as Merritt has for "Imagine" by John Lennon. In a Gimme Noise interview conducted by Monica LaPlante last year, the droll and oft-dour singer-songwriter said "[The song] makes me want to shoot him."

As Merritt's side project Future Bible Heroes roll through town tonight, the words still weigh heavy on Mr. Almsted's mind. According to, "He's so mad, in fact, he planned to protest tonight outside the Cedar Cultural Center."

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Of course, there's the detail that Merritt will not be in attendance tonight because he suffers from hyperacusis and can't withstand a loud performance. The Magnetic Fields' last visit to First Avenue was a pretty quiet affair.

As noted by Future Bible Heroes' Claudia Gonson, "It's incredibly depressing for all of us that Stephin won't be there, but the one good side of this is that we can be truly electro-pop. I think that's why Stephin felt he couldn't do it." Not because he feared the wrath of Curtiss A, who puts on a yearly John Lennon tribute, as far as we can tell.

The story says Almsted considered a sign saying, "Imagine there's no Stephin Merritt." Considering other high-profile protests staged in recent days, this might be one to let go. But if anyone sees Curtiss in front of the Cedar tonight, let us know.

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