Curtiss A pays tribute to Bruce Allen during his Lennon show

As Curtiss A neared the end of his epic, five-hour John Lennon tribute show at First Avenue last night, he paused to reflect on the news of Bruce Allen's death. "You may or may not know that Bruce Allen from the Suburbs passed away last night," Curiss said. "Dog gonnit if every year we don't have some friend..." he said, shaking his head mop of shock-white hair in disbelief. Just last year, Curtiss A dedicated "In My Life" to late drummer Steve Foley, and this year he dedicated the same song to Allen during one of the most emotional parts of his annual tribute show.

Watch the video here:

And here's a clip of Curtiss A and his all-star band playing "Any Time At All," which Curtiss introduced as his favorite Beatles song.

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