Culture Cry Wolf's "Romeo" video drops for Valentine's Day

Culture Cry Wolf's "Romeo" video drops for Valentine's Day

​​Having just celebrated at the Fine Line for the Best Love Is Free this past Saturday, Culture Cry Wolf continue the love theme with their third video from Día de los Muertos, titled "Romeo." Though first screened at the show, today's Valentine's Day timing is certainly appropriate.

Director Adam J. Dunn captures a day in the life of some adorable kids, as well as a jittery locker room performance from Culture Cry Wolf themselves. The video features the romantic politics of small children, which of course revolve around arm wrestling, crayons and Game Boy. Our tiny hero navigates the difficult truths of love and attraction by engaging in plastic sword fights with his competitors, winning the duel but losing the girl. The song and video show a tale of love thwarted, but bitterness has become something just as valid to celebrate on February 14. 

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