Culture Cry Wolf release 'Día de los Muertos' on the Day of the Dead

Culture Cry Wolf is a band on the rise. The sextet, comprised of Botzy, Mike Daly, Daniel De la Torre, Druby Soho, Frankie Blydenburgh, and Jaime Pelaez has hit the music scene like a tropical storm with their new album, Día de los Muertos. They've earned praise for their ability to craft an energetic genre, fusing doo-wop with hip-hop mixing in a modern flavor.

Difficult to pigeon-hole into a genre of music, Botzy claims, "I can see our music existing at festivals such as Warped Tour and Soundset" -- and it certainly can with its aggressively catchy musicianship. 

Talking about the song selection off their new album and working with producers

Culture Cry Wolf release 'Día de los Muertos' on the Day of the Dead

The band formerly released an EP with producer Wesley Opus simply titled The Wesley Opus Sessions. When asked how the band has graduated since the EP, Botzy shares, "All six personalities in the band really show themselves in the different tracks off the new album, plus we all got to play our instruments on DDLM," explaining that they used MIDI instruments on the EP due to time and financial restraints.

Día de los Muertos, the day following Halloween, is a Mexican holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember those who have died. Although not entirely about death, CCW's album has many Latin flavors woven into the new pieces; Mike Daly's smooth voice blends with Botzy's quick repartees. Their songs have panache, melody and style to spare, such as in the title track, "Day of the Dead," which swoops, soars, then scuttles away before starting all over again.

Most bands adopt musical styles out of an attempt to preempt the next wave of short-term musical revisionism, and then there are the bands that would be making that kind of noise whether it was fashionable or not -- Culture Cry Wolf is firmly among the latter.

11/1/2011 - Día de los Muertos listening party at Honey with Wesley Opus.
18+, Free, 9 pm 

11/5/2011 - Culture Cry Wolf will be performing at the Fine Line Music Cafe for their CD release with 9Tomorrows, Sheeped, Audio Perm and special guests.
18+, $8 adv, $10 door, 8 pm

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