Cruise for a Cause 2012 lineup announced

Mod Sun is cruising for a... cruising.
Mod Sun is cruising for a... cruising.

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Who doesn't love boats, burritos, and good music? Especially all three together. In the second year of the fundraising Cruise for a Cause, Travis Jerome of Just Kidding Clothing has brought together a wide assortment of local musical talent to play a four-hour benefit cruise down the Mississippi. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will be going to the music therapy programs at the Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

"It's cool because there's four different places you can be in and hear music, with two stages on two boats," says Jerome. "It's an all ages event, so we wanted to find something the younger crowd and the older crowd would like, so of course some hip hop and rap. Mod Sun is on there, along with some reggae."

The boats are connected while they cruise, so passengers have the opportunity to enjoy all the music. The ticket price for the event is $25, and it includes snacks provided by Famous Dave's and Burrito Loco as well as unlimited Red Bull. The $40 VIP tickets include two VIP bars.

"We always wanted to help people as much as we can," says Jerome of his company's involvement in curating the event. "We started donating 25% of everything we made to local charities, and that's kind of become a lot of benefits."

The full lineup:

Boat #1
Mod Sun
Def Gone Graphics
Midwest Selects

Boat #2
West of Aldine
Ashley DuBose
The Feel Good
Nolan James

Cruise for a Cause 2012 lineup announced

The Cruise for a Cause takes place on Saturday, August 25, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The boats will leave from Harriet Island in St. Paul. You can purchase your boarding pass online through the Just Kidding Clothing website.

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