Crew love, dancing silhouettes, and ruined weddings in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Slug is in a cemetery.

Slug is in a cemetery. YouTube

Fool’s spring already?

The Minnesota calendar is darkened by the uncertain length of winter. Could be three months, could be six. Could go all Game of Thrones and last a generation. Two things are for sure: It’s gonna suck, and it’s gonna end.

That’s a good mentality to have in general. You’ll undoubtedly run into some rough bullshit over the next few weeks, and you will be tempted by false harbingers of hope. But you will survive. The thaw is coming. These weeks are not a tease but an omen of the good that’s to come.

Atmosphere ft. Musab and Muja Messiah – “Dearly Beloved”

Atmosphere won’t ever forget their roots. The Rhymesayers paragons have hyped Minneapolis/St. Paul since the Headshots days. Crew cut “Dearly Beloved” keeps that good faith flowing, as Slug and Ant invite Rhymesayers co-founder Musab and local legend Muja Messiah to help show the world what’s transpired in their hometown since Prince put it on the map. Of course it’s a goddamn party, and director Blood $moke Money supplies the trippy visuals to take this from a casual hang to a psychedelic cruise across the Twin Cities. Atmosphere return home to St. Paul to play the Palace on February 28. 

Carroll – “Face”

Carroll are back with far less color than the last time we saw them. Well, not “back” in the sense that they’ve relocated to the Twin Cities again, but in the sense that they have a new single from their forthcoming LP, Leap. Dancer Alyssa Gyorkos and director Nina Slesinger herald the return with a slinky dance choreographed to “Face.” Nature scenes are sublimated beneath Gyorkos’s writing body, her limbs swaying elegantly to the forlorn tune. Caroll just announced a Brooklyn release show for Leap on March 6, but no homecoming plans have been announced.

Andrew Thomas ft. Daddy Dinero – “Sugar Baby”

No matter how truly in love you are, people are always gonna be skeptical about your intentions. Andrew Thomas’s new song “Sugar Baby” is the anthem those cynics have been waiting for. There’s nothing ambiguous about the relationship at the video’s center: It’s more financial than romantic, and not even Daddy Dinero’s well-rapped objection is enough to change either party’s mind. One of them is going to the grave and one of them is going to the bank, and neither would have it any other way.

KYM – “Not 4 U”

KYM are fed up with catcallers. Their new song “Not 4 U” is a reminder that a person walking down the street is not an invitation to comment on their body. No, their body is their own, and your feelings about it are irrelevant. “Not 4 U” quickly turns from a rebuff to an empowerment anthem, celebrating queerness, femininity, and community. KYM play Big Turn in Red Wing on February 21, and they have a release show at the Amsterdam coming up in March (stay tuned for an announcement).

Gowns introductory documentary (PREMIERE)

Instead of introducing themselves with a single or music video, debut Minneapolis pop-rock band Gowns are laying it all out on the table with a documentary. The four-minute film follows the origins of the band, giving you insight into the personalities and musical influences of John Bair, Zach Reiff, Evan Willie, Eric Wagner, and Brian Wagner ahead of the release of their first EP, The Hollows. Give it a watch and prepare yourself for Gowns’ release show February 28 at Studio B at the Skyway Theatre.

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